Monitor your Environment with Video Surveillance from Custom Alarms

Seeing is believing! High quality video solutions allow you to see (and record) what's happening at your home, commercial facility or municipal building

Surveillance cameras to record activity in your home or facility

Surveillance Cameras

Available in a variety of shapes and housings, resolutions and technologies, today's surveillance cameras are designed to be unobtrusive, yet effective in recording activity throughout your home or facility.

Video recorders like DVRs and NVRs make recordings of your video feeds

Video Recorders

Surveillance recordings can provide you with evidence when something occurs on your property. Depending on your needs, Digital Video & Network Video Recorders can be configured to store days or months of video.

Basic to extravagant video surveillance systems from Custom Alarm

Basic to Extravagant

Whether you need 1 camera or 101, let Custom Alarms build the perfect CCTV system to meet your specific needs. Beware of the DIY online bargains - our experts have done the research to get you the quality / resolution that you require.


Record high resolution video locally

Record your video locally in high resolution

The video surveillance industry is constantly evolving with better more advanced equipment. This is great news and what makes it better is that the prices are coming down! So don’t waste your money on DIY gadgets that charge you for inferior cloud storage. Use our state of the art NVR’s and DVR’s that keep your private video recordings safe and secure in your own building.

View and playback surveillance video remotely

Remote access to view / playback video

See your video from anywhere! View it on the TV you already have, log in from your computer, tablet or just pick up your phone and there’s your driveway! It’s that easy. Recorded video shows you what happened, when it happened and who was involved.


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